Head to Toe Bui!


This little mini dress is too cute for words. It fits great and can be a fun choice for a casual lunch or paired with this beautiful blazer for a  more dressed up event.

Dress, Blazer, Sandals and Bracelet – All Barbara bui

Basquiat is now Women’s only!

We are so excited to be an all women’s clothing boutique – and we are thrilled with the renovations we did….new racking, better lighting and a fresh paint job have all added to the new look and feel of Basquiat. We will post photos soon – or just come see for yourself!

We’re Blogging… Look out!

Here is a bunch of text for a blog entry!
Not familiar with us?
Basquiat is a women’s clothing boutique in the Yaletown area of Vancouver. Co-owners Cristina Linden and Liselott Montesano, favor unique designs and collections that are often exclusive to their store. Mostly European and US collections, they tend towards simpler lines and muted colors. You will also find a wide range of accessories, from scarves and hats to jewelry and shoes.
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